Home Buyers

Mortgage Guarantee backed Home Loans

IMGC provides homebuyers with the opportunity to avail home loans a lot more easily. Mortgage Guarantee backed home loans not only encourage early home ownership, but also allow people to secure home loans in the later years of their life. With increased home loan accessibility, longer loan tenures, and higher loan amounts, IMGC has brought people closer to realizing their dream to become home owners.

There are a number of ways in which IMGC helps the Home Buyer. With Mortgage Guarantee backed home loans, home buyers can:
  • Transform an Expense
    to an Asset

    With Mortgage Guarantee backed home loans, you can get higher Loan-To-Value and longer loan repayment tenures, which means that the money being paid towards rent can be utilized for paying EMIs, thereby helping you build an asset in the form of your own home.

  • Build an Asset in your
    later years

    Mortgage Guarantee by IMGC for a home loan also entails longer repayment tenures for applicants in a higher age bracket, say 45-55 years or above. That in turn allows you to purchase a home in the later years in life, and repay the loan EMIs in addition to existing expenses and liabilities.

  • Upgrade Your Home

    An individual invariably has different needs during different phases of life, and the gradual requirement of a bigger place of residence is part of that equation. Your first home purchase doesn’t have to be your final one. With a Mortgage Guarantee backed home loan, you can confidently take the decision to upgrade your home as per your life’s changing needs.