Brand Identity

The IMGC brand identity embodies the call for 'enabled optimism'. Every aspect that makes up the brand's visual and verbal identity has been specially chosen to represent this primary theme.
The logo-the nucleus of our brand's identity, is the definition of growth through accessible housing, and promoting early home ownership.

The brand's primary colour - Orange, communicates our core thoughts of optimism and openness. What is brought to life so vividly in the visual language is also articulated in words our brand line, 'Defining Tomorrow'. It speaks of our Company's vision for a future filled with hope, confidence, foresight, assurance and clarity. The brand line also communicates our commitment to redefining the ways and means to home ownership, and our belief that a brighter tomorrow is within the reach of every potential home owner.



  • Each one of our dealings, external and Internal, Is handled with the inherent principle of Trust. We believe that expert partnership is the way forward In building a stronger economy and brighter future for home owners for home across the nation.

  • Trust
    and Partnership
  • Leading the way through new areas of thought leadership, research & development, to become one of the most valued contributors in the mortgage space. We are proud to be India's first Mortgage Guarantee provider.

  • Intergity
    and Transparency
  • We are consistent with our principles, keeping all our dealings ethical and honest.

  • Inclusive
  • We endeavour to contribute to and work towards a sustainable and effective proposition that enables not just business growth, but also the development of the economy, the lenders and society as a whole.

  • Pioneering